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Miraculous H2O

Can water help with weight loss?

I came across an interesting article “Mouth Watering Fare” in Diabetes Dialogue Magazine, written by Registered Dietitian Rosie Schwartz.

The article summarized interesting research presented at the 2010 National Meeting of the American Chemical Society showing that:

Adults who drank two cups of water before each meal consumed fewer calories and lost more weight than those who did not.


1. Drink water before meals you’ll get full faster and therefore eat less food/calories.

The water drinkers also reported feeling more alert and less tired than usual- a sign that they may have been in a mildly dehydrated state before the study.Being mildly dehydrated may not be very dangerous; however it can interfere with hunger signals.

You may think you are hungry when you are actually thirsty!

When it comes to diabetes if you are mildly dehydrated this can lead to higher blood sugar (glucose) readings, because the concentration of sugar in the blood is higher. Also blood sugar readings can be higher as a result of overeating due to interference with hunger signals.

2. Drink water before meals to prevent dehydration and interference with hunger signals. Decreased hunger=less food/calorie intake=weight loss.




Inspiring New Show!

CBC has just launched a new show going along with the Live Right Now initiative – Village on a Diet.

Village on a Diet is based on the small town of Taylor in British Columbia, Canada; having a population of approx. 1400 with 60% of the population overweight or obese.

On the first episode, all the residents of Taylor stepped onto a massive scale together! They were 1 ton over the national average weight!

Goal: Collectively their goal is to lose 1 ton of weight ( 2000lbs), in 3 months!

They are given the expertise of a physician, dietitian, psychologist and 2 personal trainers to support this goal; along with fitness equipment, and the town’s golf course which will frequently be used for obstacle courses to help get fit!

The show portrays real people from a woman pushing back her wedding day because she does not feel beautiful in her wedding dress, to a 14 year old boy having to be home schooled because of bullying for being overweight. A teacher trying to be a good role model to motivate her students, and parents for their children. It is a very heart felt show, with much emotion and incredible motivation and determination. I even shed a tear.

Highly recommended show! Nothing else of its kind out there. If you need that extra push to get motivated here it is!

Watch Mondays at 9pm or online at www.cbc.ca/liverightnow/village/



Learning about nutrition by incorporating the stars!


Celebnutrition.com was developed to teach others about nutrition by incorporating something they are interested in. I feel that most of the general public is interested in celebrities which is why so many businesses, movies, films, music, magazine, etc. are so successful. With that being said I plan to find nutritionally relevant gossip, use celebrities as examples to point out what they are doing right and wrong, health risks they may have and why, cracking down on the fad diets that don’t work. All nutrition information posted on my website is research based nutrition information; as I am a Registered Dietitian and must adhere to my College of Dietitians regulations of providing safe, ethical and competent nutrition services.

Christina Registered Dietitian

Please keep me informed of any individual or general nutrition questions you may have by posting or email celebnutrition@gmail.com because this website is here to help YOU! (It also makes it easier for me to think of things to write about)