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Nutrition 101

Nutrition 101

Quarter Plate method of healthy eating!

  • Easy to follow!
  • Use the Quarter Plate method 3 meals a day.
  • Spreading your meals 4-6hrs apart.
  • At Breakfast, at least include Carbohydrate (Grains and Starches, Fruit, Milk) and Protein, for most people it is unrealistic to have vegetables every day for breakfast.
  • Ways to include vegetables at breakfast, fresh sliced cucumber and tomato on bread or side, include vegetables in egg omelette (onions, tomatoes, green, yellow, red peppers, etc.) .
healthy food plate
Healthy Food Plate

What’s your new years resolution for 2011?

Last night while watching Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve 2011 the #1 TOP New Years resolution for 2011 was to GET FIT!

What’s your new years resolution?

Is it to increase your physical activity? Lose weight? Start eating healthy?

When setting a goal to achieve in the new year it is important to choose SMART goals.

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Realistic
  • Time Bound

If these 5 factors are not met the probability of achieving your goal is low.

It is also important to choose one or more actions to help meet your goal. Actions will vary depending on the person.

Ex. Goal: Get Fit

S: lose weight
M: lose 5 lbs
A: Is 5lbs attainable? (should be, but if M was 100lbs..not so much)

Loose 5lbs in 5 weeks


Ex. I will stop going to fast food restaurants and pack a lunch for work and have breakfast at home.
Ex. I will join an aerobic class that meets twice a week.
Ex. I will stop buying snack foods ie. chips, candy, pastries. Out of sight out of mind.

Happy New Year from celebnutrition.com !


Learning about nutrition by incorporating the stars!


Celebnutrition.com was developed to teach others about nutrition by incorporating something they are interested in. I feel that most of the general public is interested in celebrities which is why so many businesses, movies, films, music, magazine, etc. are so successful. With that being said I plan to find nutritionally relevant gossip, use celebrities as examples to point out what they are doing right and wrong, health risks they may have and why, cracking down on the fad diets that don’t work. All nutrition information posted on my website is research based nutrition information; as I am a Registered Dietitian and must adhere to my College of Dietitians regulations of providing safe, ethical and competent nutrition services.

Christina Registered Dietitian

Please keep me informed of any individual or general nutrition questions you may have by posting or email celebnutrition@gmail.com because this website is here to help YOU! (It also makes it easier for me to think of things to write about)