Superbowl Party Eating Tips!


Check out the Video shot by CTV News on Superbowl Party Eating featuring Registered Dietitian Christina Sandor!

Additional tips from Christina below!

It is not uncommon for most people to exceed their daily calorie needs during a Superbowl Party. 

Here are some tips to cut down on the calories without cutting out on the fun!

  • Save your calories for the food. Cut out sugary/high calorie drinks.

Light beer ~100 calories per can          3 cans in a night ~300 kcals

Regular beer ~ 160 calories per can     3 cans in a night ~ 480 kcals

Can of pop ~ 150 calories                       3 cans in a night ~ 450 kcals

  • Substitute greek yogurt for mayo or sour crème in veggie and taco dips. Or use low fat versions. 

Veggies and dip with greek yogurt or humus can be a healthy tasty snack.

  • Use re-fried beans as the base in your taco dip. Load it with veggies. Light on the cheese.
  • Substitute baked breaded strips of chicken breast for chicken wings. Cutting out the calories from the saturated fat found in the skin.
  • Make a veggie chilli with beans instead of a meat chilli. Or substitute extra lean ground meat, chicken or turkey.
  • When ordering pizza- make it thin crust with veggies ~125calories per slices vs. a regular pepperoni pizza ~360 calories per slice (double the calories!).
  • For a sweet snack serve fruit with low fat vanilla yogurt to dip.

Just do it! No one will even notice the difference!