Healthy, Nutritious, Balanced eating for weight loss!

Healthy, Nutritious, Balanced eating for weight loss! Meal Plan

Healthy, Nutritious, Balanced eating for weight loss! Meal Plan

It seems like such a simple concept however most people do not eat like this every day.

I have much success with clients making this simple healthy change to their eating habits and some have seen weight loss of 20lbs in a month! Fad diets don’t work and may leave you nutritionally deficient.

  • Easy to follow! 3 meals per day
  • Meals 4-6hrs apart. Timing of meals is very important for your metabolism.
  • Meets all of your nutrition needs for healthy living!
  • Avoid ALL sugar containing fluids – ie. Pop, juice, energy drinks, etc.
  • Drink Water and the recommended amount of Milk servings/day ~2-3 8oz glasses of milk.
  • Tea and Coffee are OK in moderation if additional calories are not added – ie. sugar, creme. Try a fruity decaffeinated tea – apple cinnamon, berry, etc.
  • Avoid eating snack/junk foods and deserts after or between meals. This is where the extra weight gain comes from.
  • At Breakfast, include a Carbohydrate (Grains and Starches, Fruit, Milk) and Protein, it may be hard for most people to have vegetables every day for breakfast.
  • Ways to include vegetables at breakfast, fresh sliced cucumber and tomato, include vegetables in egg omelets (onions, tomatoes, green, yellow, red peppers, etc.).
  • Complimentary with the Cardiac and Diabetes Diet Guidelines.

healthy plate

Sample Meals:


Tea or coffee

1% or skim milk (1 cup) or 3/4 cup low fat yogurt


Steal cut oats oatmeal – high in fiber (¾ cup cooked)

½ banana, 1 cup berries or 15 raisins or dried cranberries

With ¼ cup nuts


1-2 whole grain toast slice

1 egg omelet with tomatoes, peppers and onions



Rice (1 cup) = ¼ plate starch

Healthy, Nutritious, Balanced eating for weight loss! Meal Plan

Boiled beans (½ cup) – 1 cup if vegetarian meal

Lean beef steak (3-4 oz) = ¼ plate protein

Stewed zucchini and carrots

Green salad

– lettuce, tomato wedges and cucumber slices

– dressing: lime juice and olive oil (1 tsp, 5 mL)

1 orange/fruit




1 large potato or 1cup mashed potatoes = ¼ plate starch

Chicken 3-4oz = ¼ plate protein

Green beans (cooked non-starchy vegetable)

Spinach leaf salad with low-fat salad dressing (1 tsp, 5 mL)

Pineapple (2 slices) or 1 cup melon

Low-fat yogurt (¾ cup)


Decaffeinated Tea


Afternoon or Evening Snack: if needed

15 grapes or 1 cup berries

Low fat yogurt (3/4 cup) or skim or 1% milk (1cup)