What are you really eating?

Ever wonder the nutritional value of the foods your are eating?

( Or what make them less valuable…lol)

www.myfoodrecord.com  is a a great website that I used for many projects as a student studying my Nutrition and Dietetics degree.

In 1996 Chris Hewes and Jim Painter PhD RD (Registered Dietitian) developed the Nutrition Analysis Tool (NAT) found on myfoodrecord.com at the University of Illinois in the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition.

You can add in all the ingredients from a recipe, or the items of a meal, and the program brings out the nutritional value. It gives very detailed information so you get the whole picture.

There are other nutrient analysis websites, this is just one I am familiar with, which is reputable and very user friendly.

It’s great! I even used it for my chili recipe! (example see below)

Nutrient Total    
Calories 177.28    
Pro (g) 22.07    
Fat (g) 1.19    
Carb (g) 33.01    
Fiber (g) 20.86    
Cal (mg) 51.57    
Iron (mg) 3.88    
Na (mg) 32.67    
Pot (mg) 683.03    
Phos (mg) 207.02    
Ash (g) 1.88    
vitA (IU) 1586.5    
vitC (mg) 79.93    
Thia (mg) 0.26    
Ribo (mg) 0.14    
Nia (mg) 1.47    
H2O % 71.93    
satF (g) 0.12    
monoF (g) 0.09    
polyF (g) 0.33    
Chol (mg) 0