Conquer your busy work week!

Snack and Run

Below are some tips to conquer that busy work week and/or shift work schedule without compromising your health and nutrition. Here are some easy grab and go snack ideas to keep on hand!

  • Yogurt – a delicious cool snack full of nutrients and staying power. Try Greek yogurt which is even higher in protein to keep you satisfied longer.
  • Trail mix – choose ones with plain seeds, nuts and dried fruit. You can even make your own! Easy to keep a “stash” at work!
  • Whole grain cereal cup with milk – a quick nutritious mini-meal. Keep a box in your desk drawer or locker to save you on those busy days.
  • Bananas, oranges and apples – easy to grab, easy storage, low cost and full of nutrition! 
  • Low sodium 100% vegetable juice – drink your veggies – yum!
  • Veggies and/or Fruit with Natural Peanut Butter-A combination of nutrients with protein and heart healthy fat!

Nut free environment? Try using low- fat cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, hard boiled egg, or hummus as a protein source instead of nuts and nut butters.